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It is more of an Online Urdu lughat (Dictionary) and thesaurus as it not only provides words but synonymsantonymsencyclopedia, and sentence examples As Well.

The search bar and links on the letters provide you with an excellent way to find the word you need. The search bar also provides Urdu and English words-based on your search type. This Website Especially designed for English to Urdu Translation You can translate English words meanings into Urdu, and this Website will describe properly English words in Pakistan Mother language Urdu.

From the last 5 years, has been helping millions of people improve their use of the “English language” with its free digital services. Meaning In Urdu Dictionary started in the year 2013. Over the years we improved the ‘Dictionary’ to be smarter while at the same time adding new “words” regularly.

The “dictionary” currently has more than 500000+ words and this number is increasing day by day. We Have Hired Well Educated And Experienced Teachers, Writers For Our Blog To Provide Our readers Quality And Authentic Content/Information. And Make User Experience Better To best.

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People Mostly go to Google search option To get Information About their Keywords And it takes more attention and efforts to find the Right Meaning of a specific word but here Its pretty easy for you to find out “Translation of your desired word” in a just single click.

What All you have to do is just go to TOP Search widgets and type your ‘word’ And in a second or two, your Answer will be in front of your screen.


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